FREE Occupational Health and Safety Training

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of FREE Health and Safety Training certificates made available to our clients. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain valuable and necessary skills that employers are looking for, so that you can obtain your next job.

In order to be eligible to take these courses, you need to be a client of Employment Hamilton. If you are looking for work and need assistance you can call us at 905.522.4902 to get connected to an Employment Counsellor.

There are 10 different courses on offer through this initiative that cover a wide variety of subjects. Please consider taking as many of them as you can help you achieve your employment goals.

Available Courses

1. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) – 45 min

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requires organizations that provide goods, services or facilities to the public or to other organizations to comply with mandatory standards that remove and prevent barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities. The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) is comprised of three standards: Information and Communication, Employment, and Transportation. The IASR has a number of general requirements that apply to all three standards. This course on the AODA was designed to help you learn about these IASR general requirements and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

2. Conducting Investigations

Failure to properly investigate a workplace incident can be costly. This course will focus on the investigation steps, analyzing the information, recommendations, and corrective actions.

3. Health and Safety Representative (more details to come)

4. Infection Control – 1 hr

Most workers may have an increased risk of contracting an infectious disease due to the nature of the job, duties or work environment. This course provides participants with prevention and control measures that will assist in protecting workers from occupational exposure to infectious diseases.

5. Ladder Safety – 30 min

This course provides a practical introduction to working safety with ladders (step, extension, and fixed ladders). The course focuses on the duties of workers when using a ladder – inspection before use, proper set up of ladder, and how to work safely while on the ladder.

6. Manual Material Handling – 45 min

Every workplace includes tasks that involve manual material handling (MMH): lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, pulling, holding or restraining. When the work exceeds a worker’s physical capabilities, however, serious injuries can result. Learn how to prevent MMH injuries by developing the skills needed to identify and control risk factors associated with MMH work.

7. Slips, Trips and Falls – 30 min

This course offers guidance on how to prevent these types of injuries in the workplace. It provides workers, managers, supervisors, Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives with practical to help them to understand the causes of slips, trips and fall and preventive measures that can be taken to prevent injuries.

8. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) – 1 hr

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) gives employers and workers information about the hazardous products or chemicals they may be exposed to at work. Employers must pass the information about workplace hazardous products on to their employees and provide worker education programs to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.This course will teach you all the requirements of WHMIS to keep you safe.

9. Workplace Inspections – 45 min

Inspections are an essential element of health and safety. This course will teach you how to effectively prepare, conduct, and document workplace inspections. You will learn how to conduct inspections. You will learn about hazards found during a workplace inspection. You’ll also find out about the importance of inspection reports and follow-up.

10. Workplace Violence and Harassment – 45 min

Workplace violence and harassment (WVWH) is a serious issue that affects all workplaces. This course will describe workplace violence and harassment hazards and how they may cause injury. Information on how to recognize or identify WVWH hazards, assess the WVWH hazards, control the WVWH hazards and evaluate the WVWH hazards to ensure workers are protected from both workplace violence and workplace harassment at the workplace.

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