Learn Introductory Tech Skills through Tech 101

Now that we’re entering a post-pandemic world, it’s important to realize that a lot has changed for the future of work. For one thing, even more of our job search – and our working world – will be online. From Zoom job interviews to fully integrated working from home positions, it’s important to build tech skills that will help you future-proof your career.

Now you can do that through Tech 101, a FREE series of 10 tech courses offered through the Fort Erie International Academy. Tech 101 offers one hour instructional and educational videos in Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Zoom, Gmail, online banking and cybersecurity.

This is flexible learning tailored for beginners, with bite-sized modules, so you can develop digital skills fast. There are no requirements for education or experience to access these courses. All you need is a Wifi connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or phone to access the videos.

You can also join the Tech 101 Facebook community to engage with other learners to discuss topics, find a mentor, problem solve and even find potential job and career employment opportunities!

To sign up for Tech 101, visit https://feia.ca/tech101

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