Accessing the Hidden Job Market

Jobs that are not advertised are considered to be the “Hidden Job Market”.  This remains the best route to successful job searching, regardless of the economy.

It is often said that 80% of available jobs are never advertised. Companies fill openings using applications/resumes already on hand or referrals from current employees.  Why would an employer pay to advertise when they have someone dropping off a resume at their door – or when their best employee recommends a cousin who just lost their job?

Don’t give up on job banks, company websites and classifieds completely, as people still get hired through these avenues.  While you continue to scour the ads however, it is wise to use a variety of tactics to ensure you can access the positions that have not been posted.

Tips on accessing the hidden job market:

  • Do your Research
    • Make lists of businesses that employ people in your area of interest.  Phone to get a contact name to address your resume to.  Send your resume and then follow up with a phone call in a week or so.  This is especially effective for positions like cooks, receptionists and retail positions.  These businesses often have a high turnover rate, so even if they aren’t currently hiring, chances are they will be in the future.
  • Go on Information Interviews
    • Get out there and talk to people!  Even if a company is not hiring, you can make another contact. You can learn from someone in your field.  Ask them for tips and strategies they used to find work, as well as advice on the content and layout of your resume. Finally, ask them to keep you in mind if their company decides to hire in the future.
  • Use your Network
    • Networking can be your best strategy for finding work.   It may be tempting to retreat and wait for the perfect job to be advertised…..this is highly unlikely! Keep in touch with friends, family and former co-workers, and let them know that you are looking for work.  Chances are they may know someone who is hiring and be able to recommend you for an interview.  Right away you have an edge over the competition.Tell your Facebook friends, join networking groups, and view blogs if your field is more specialized.
  • Find an Employment Agency
    • Organizations such as Employment Hamilton specialize in helping job seekers look for work.  They can provide company referrals, help with resumes, cover letters and interviews.  All services are free and it can never hurt to have another set of eyes and ears helping you look for work.  Call 905.522.4902 for more information.
  • Visit job/career fairs
    • At these public events, organizations send representatives to talk to job seekers, providing you with a great opportunity to network with several employers at once.

Remember very few job postings are advertised.  Even fewer are advertised on the internet.  If you are serious about your job search, the hidden job market isn’t going to come to you – you have to go after it.

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