A Successful Job Search Is A Matter Of Attitude

Employers want people who believe in themselves and their skills, who want to work, who want to work for them, and who generally have a positive attitude.

While staying positive is vital to a successful job search, there will be times when you get discouraged. It may seem impossible to revive your positive energy, but there are many things you can do to bring your rosy outlook back to life and keep it in good shape.

  • Talk positively about yourself and your abilities.
  • Take charge! Accept responsibility for your life and your job search. It is not up to your mother, father, girlfriend or boyfriend, or your aunt Zelda in Jasper to find you a job. Although your network can be a definite help, YOU are responsible for the success of your job search.
  • Let go of regrets about the past. Instead of blaming yourself and constantly rehashing past mistakes you’ve made, take the opportunity to learn from the past.
  • Flatter yourself. The job search is no time to be humble. Read every complimentary thing about yourself that you can find. Letters of praise, past awards, performance appraisals, or any other positive recognitions you have are good ways to remind yourself of your worth and talents. Paste these things on a wall or a bulletin board in your work area to boost your spirits whenever you feel a little down.
  • Get physical! You’ve heard the saying, “healthy body, healthy mind”. Keeping yourself healthy and in good physical shape will boost your energy level and make it easier to maintain a positive mental attitude.
  • Create a schedule and stick to it. Knowing what you are supposed to do each day can prevent you from feeling lost or bored. Sticking to your schedule as closely as possible will provide focus to your job search.
  • Keep up appearances.  While nobody expects you to wear a suit and tie every day on your job search, try not to dress too casually.  Keep your living space neat and tidy as well.  Lying around the house in your old sweats with pizza boxes strewn all over the floor may be relaxing, but it won’t help you set a positive framework for your job search.
  • Keep growing. Continue to develop your skills and knowledge while looking for work. Do this by:
    • Taking a class
    • Attending conferences, workshops and seminars
    • Subscribing to trade magazines
    • Reading the newspaper and other current affairs magazines
    • Doing volunteer work that uses the skills and knowledge you want to use in your next job
  • Don’t take rejections personally. Very few people land the first job they apply to or are interviewed for. See it as an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself.
  • Attitude is contagious. Surround yourself with supportive, positive people.
  • Talk to someone. You might feel really burned out, angry or frustrated after a long, unsuccessful job search. Or you might reach a stage where you want to give up looking for work altogether. At this point it might be a good idea to talk to a trained professional that can help you sort out your feelings.
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