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Local Jobs

The EH Job Board is a FREE resource tool to help meet the needs of local employers and job seekers in the 905 and 519 area codes.  If the job location is outside this geographic area, please use other job boards in your area.

Job Postings must:

  1. Be local opportunities
  2. Be hourly or salaried compensation opportunities
  3. Operate legally in Ontario with a Business number used to remit payroll deductions to Revenue Canada
  4. Accurately represent the opportunity and requirements sufficient to allow the job seeker to determine interest and suitability

Job Postings NOT permitted:

  1. Employer expects the worker to remit their own payments for income tax, El, etc.
  2. Business , self-employed or commission only
  3. Unpaid or a fee required
  4. Posting contravenes legislation including Employment Standards and Human Rights including inappropriate/offensive or illegal language; discriminatory content based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliations, disability or ethnicity; morally inappropriate.


Employment Hamilton reserves the right to remove any postings or accounts based solely on its assessment of suitability for our Job Board. These terms may be updated from time to time without notice.


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