Poultry Processing - Evisceration Line Worker

Company: Premier Kosher Inc.
Wage: 17.65
Time: Full Time (30+ Hours a Week)
Hours per Week: 35-40
Public Transport Accessible? No
Suitable for Students? No

Job Description

Position Summary:

The Evisceration Line Worker works in a fast-paced food manufacturing environment.  He/she will perform tasks to clean and eviscerate (remove the organs of) recently-slaughtered chickens to prepare for secondary and further processing. This person has direct impact on the efficiency of our operation and contributes daily to the quality of our products.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Contributes to a healthy work environment, while maintaining high food safety and health and safety ¬†standards
  • Need to be able to perform all evisceration production work on a rotation basis. Takes action to correct any issues and to make improvements
  • Directly helps the department to meet targets and goals while maintaining a healthy and safe work environment
  • Maintains productivity that meets/exceeds standards
  • Contributes to the team and the whole facility in a positive way
  • Other responsibilities as required

Requirements & Prerequisites

Required Skills, Ability and Experience:

Physically demanding – Able to work in a fast-paced work environment with repetitive tasks on a moving line

Able to stand and walk throughout the shift for extended periods of time
Ability to grip, grasp, and lift repetitively through the course of the workday
Operate hand held mechanical machinery
Can work well in a team environment (with CFIA) and support fellow team members with minimal supervision
Inspects chicken cavities and ensures that it is free of defects, disease or foreign matter
Checks products for quality defects
Good communication skills, able to speak and read English
Ability to wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene equipment, including but not limited to steel mesh guards, bump cap/hard hat, steel-toed footwear, hearing protection, smock, and gloves
Environment is noisy, strong odors

What we offer:

$17.65/hour, employee benefits, PPE is provided

How To Apply